Saturday, May 30, 2015


Here's a new batch of sketches from Disneyland.  Love that place! :)  I focused on one area, but tried different approaches and materials.  If you become comfortable in a particular style or technique and keep doing the same stuff, at some point the learning stops.  It's like going to the gym and doing the same exercise with the same weights all the time, after a while you're not going to get stronger unless you do something different like increase your weights, or better yet, do an entirely different exercise you've never done before!  I try to mix things up so my art brain is always challenged.

The first image was done with a black prismacolor pencil as a way to study value and practice rendering.  Some of the details in the buildings really caught my eye so in the line drawing above, I focused on the details and design work.  In the sketch below, I focused more on the contrast of light and dark, along with shapes they formed.

Many of my field sketches aren't very large.  The biggest ones are roughly 5"x7" and can go as small as 2"x3".  You get more drawing done if you keep them small. ;)