Sunday, February 22, 2015


Life gets busy but I still try to find time to draw outside work.  Above is a sketch I did a few weeks ago while getting an oil change.  This particular building is an old but still functioning fire station right next to the car shop.

These two sketches were done during two separate lunch breaks at Old Town Irvine.  The large building above was used to store beans and grain during the early 20th century.  Today it's being used for commercial office space.  On that same lot were a few old craftsman style houses left standing which are no longer residential but also used for business purposes.  The house I sketched is being used as a dentist office.  While sketching, I tried to capture the way it may have looked like many moons ago.  That's what's cool about drawing, you can edit out or edit in whatever you like. :)

All images ©Jimmy Lo

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